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Making progress during crisis

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a global pandemic that is impacting the lives of millions of people worldwide.  The impacts of its continuing spread are just beginning to be understood.  Although the physical aspects of the disease are deeply concerning, and in some cases fatal, its impacts are not limited only to physical health.

Many people have found themselves suddenly removed and isolated from their familiar daily routine, their jobs, their friends and family, and their normal sources of support.  This can be disorienting, and leave people feeling adrift.

It is especially during these times when so many are physically disconnected from the world around them that they must find new ways to navigate solitude, to make meaningful virtual connections with others, and continue to focus on their growth and wellness.

Many may also be overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.  Others still will find themselves facing myriad business challenges.  And, many more may find themselves suddenly out of work, and needing to navigate the job market during a down economy.

Shepherd remains your trusted partner regardless of the challenge you are facing during this unique, and unsettling time.  As part of our commitment to helping you get to remarkable, new clients coping with issues related to COVID-19 will receive a thirty-minute session free of charge.

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