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Multidisciplinary perspectives, singular focus.

Wandering Traveler


Shepherd was founded to make available the best Coaching and Consulting services to individuals and organizations wanting to make meaningful, lasting change with measurable outcomes. Here, you give yourself permission to own your own time and space.  


The work Shepherd undertakes is highly collaborative and based on a partnership of openness and trust.  And, just as you and your needs are unique, so too is our approach; a new one is invented for every client.  

Bridge Over River


Shepherd provides something different for people who are looking to engage in substantive, meaningful, and professional life coaching and business consulting.  If your challenges are important enough to want to discuss with someone, then you need a trusted-partner who will take your issues as seriously as their own.  


Making change is hard, and I will commit to working with you to understand, reach, and sustain your unique life coaching and business consulting goals and objectives.

I suggest to my clients that they don’t come to work with me, but to come to work for themselves.  Coming to Shepherd is about making the effort to own your own time and space, and work together to get where you want to be.  My role is to do everything possible to enable and empower you to reach your goals.


I  am an experienced coach and consultant who helps individuals and organizations by bridging professional disciplines, and blending clinical and coaching skills, insight and methodologies with management, consulting and business practices.   I have worked in coaching, consulting, psychology, healthcare, business, research, and communication industries.


I have a PhD in Psychology from Oxford University, Post Graduate Clinical Psychology Training from the University of London, and a BA in Applied Psychology.  I am a Unitive Life Coach, and was trained by Charles Bentley.  I am a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a PMI-certified Project Management Professional.  I am also an Associate of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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Own your Own Time and Space and Make Change


Transforming Individuals and Organizations

“Nothing is more important than being in the present moment.  Fully alive, fully aware”

Thích Nhất Hạnh

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