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Organizations, executives and professionals can encounter a unique set of challenges that reduce performance, diminish productivity, and put potential beyond reach.  Furthermore, these challenges can be difficult or impossible to manage with existing resources, infrastructure or processes.  They require a rigorous, collaborative, transparent, co-owned partnership in getting to remarkable, whatever that may be, and whatever that takes.  I provide a full suite of business and executive consulting services that are expert, professional, objective, and independent.

My approach to providing business and executive consulting bridges multiple professional disciplines, and blends clinical and coaching skills, insight and methodologies with management, consulting and business practices to enable high-impact and lasting solutions; multidisciplinary perspectives, singular focus. 

I work with individuals and organizations using tools like engagement, active listening, collaborative empiricism, diagnosis, formulation and intervention, which together provides Shepherd’s highly effective and distinctive business consulting framework.

My coaching and business experience in addition to the individual, organizational and consulting psychology skills and techniques gained by many years of training and practice helps professionals and businesses confronted with a wide range of challenges, and trying to get to remarkable.  Together we work on engineering meaningful and useable approaches to important challenges, from the ground up.  We evaluate our effectiveness by regularly taking stock and measuring success and where we have fallen short.  My approach encourages ownership, self-direction, and accountability.  We put in place scaffolding to accomplish the work at hand, including a plan for its removal.    

Through my role as a business coach in Washington, DC, I have a successful track record as a leader, consultant and subject matter expert providing solutions to a wide range of business challenges, and leaving personnel, operations and organizations measurably improved.  I look for the opportunity to invent something new and unique with each new client and develop and implement transformational strategies, tactics, and plans.

Business Consulting Areas:

  • Human Capital Consulting. 

  • Organizational and Individual Productivity. Business Process Engineering.

  • Business Case Development. Strategic Consulting, Development and Tactical Implementation.

  • Forming, Leading and Optimizing Effective Teams. Interdisciplinary and Cross-Functional Management. Program and Project Management.

  • Marketing and Communications Strategy and Training. Influence and Persuasion.

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness.  Soft Skill Development.

  • Executing and Managing Career and Professional Transition.

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